29 Juli 2006

So könnte sie aussehen

KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 (RIA Novosti) - A resolution being prepared by the United Nations Security Council on Iran's nuclear program must not include an ultimatum, but should make the requirements set by the UN nuclear watchdog binding, Russia's foreign minister said Friday. The resolution "will only confirm the requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and if Iran responds to the proposals of the six [countries mediating the issue] soon, it will not be necessary to adopt a resolution," Sergei Lavrov said at the ASEAN Regional Forum, a security conference attended by 25 countries and the European Union.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has demanded that Iran re-impose a moratorium on its controversial nuclear research program and observe the nuclear non-proliferation regime. "I think that an Iran-6 proposal is very constructive, and gives full opportunities for putting forward any issues, and negotiating means for Iran to execute its legitimate right to develop its civilian nuclear energy sector," in conditions where nobody will have suspicions that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

Lavrov said the lack of a response from Iran had forced the UN Security Council to resume work on an Iran resolution, which had been frozen to enable negotiations with the country. Lavrov said earlier this month that Iran-6 members were convinced that the UN Security Council should adopt a resolution to oblige Iran to halt uranium enrichment. If Iran refuses to cooperate, the international community would have to resort to punitive measures stipulated by the UN Charter. The leaders of the Group of Eight leading industrialized nations said at the recent G8 summit in St. Petersburg that they supported a decision by the Iran-6 to return discussions of the Iran nuclear issue to the UN Security Council.

Ob eine solch zahnlose Resolution einen essentiellen Fortschritt in diesem Konflikt bewirken kann, bleibt abzuwarten.